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Colorado Skiing and Snowboarding area
El Colorado ski and snowboard center is located in the central Andes of Chile and belongs to the center area of ski known as the three valleys with a maximum altitude of 3333 meters above the sea level.

El Colorado ski center has been the preferred center for families and youngsters that enjoy the white sport in Chile, each year receives many amateur and expert skiers and snowboarders from the northern hemisphere who come to Chile to spend the winter season.

Many of the skiing clubs in Chile have their regular training in this winter center because of its very good snow condition and suitable slopes for giant slalom.

This ski center offers to snowboarders the best rail parks and jumps of the area, either for practicing slope style, big air or rail sessions.

It is also possible to have access to excellent inbound and outbound of piste from this center, and the numerous, intensive and short snowfalls offer innumerable opportunities to enjoy fresh powder snow.

El Colorado ski center counts with a skiable command of 1000 hectares (2470 acres) its tracks have direct access to Farellones town, first mountain town of the country populated in the forties by the pioneers of the white sport in the Andes who took that mountain spirit which is extended today to the three valleys and that can only be experimented by visiting this area, since words can not properly describe the emotionalisms of the huge mountain.

The season lasts from mid June to the beginning of October.

Farellones is still the same small town of the old years, it is recommended for those who want to stay for a longer time at a more reasonable price, skier families, friends and youngsters searching for a fun mountain experience with cool people, Farellones counts with immediate access to the tracks of El Colorado ski center.

You must consider that this mountain town doesn’t count with all the services of the city, therefore going to the supermarket to buy some supplies is very recommendable.


At the viewpoint located at the base of the center at 2430 meters of altitude several services are combined, from rental and sale of skiing and snowboard equipment, ski and snowboard lessons for adults and children, lockers to keep yours belongings, a self service restaurant, an international food restaurant, and a pub where after a full morning skiing is great to enjoy an aperitif, and that at the end of the day gather the youngsters turning the atmosphere into a true party with music and videos of national ski and snowboarding.

For lunch we recommend going to the restaurant located at altitude called El Mirador, were the gastronomic offer is varied and the sights of the mountain are beautiful

The Colorado ski center is defined as good option for everyone.
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